Affinity Piano Tuning is a family owned company
serving Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer & Middlesex
Counties.   Owner and Tuner,
Jacob DeMarco, is an
American School of Piano Tuning graduate offering a
wide range of services including: concert tunings,
action work, climate control installations and voicing.    
1) Have your piano tuned regularly.
Ideally your piano should be tuned twice a year by a qualified technician. A
tuning is especially important when it's brand new, after a season change or
after a piano has been moved.

Have a Climate Control System installed into your piano.   
Weather and humidity play an important part in your piano's health. A

Climate Control
System will provide a specialized environment that is ideal
for your piano regardless of the conditions of the room it is in. These
systems have provided long term protection and have improved the stability
of piano's in even the most harsh conditions.
The most important steps a piano owner can take to protect
and get the most out of their instrument is simply keeping it
in tune and controlling the
environment around it.
Follow the guidelines below to learn what you can do to keep your piano
sounding it's best at all times!

Affinity Piano Tuning has been in business since 2002.  There are many schools,
churches, studios and homeowners that will give you a wonderful reference as far
as our work.  Some testimonials may be found
here.   We invite you to browse our
site to learn more about
our company, our tuner and details on all of the services
we can provide you to ensure the quality of sound in your piano will last a lifetime!
Affinity Piano Tuning
Jackson, NJ 08527